Thursday 24 January 2013



We are starting to build our own city in the classroom to explore different local environments and buildings.

We have started by making trees.

Please send to school small empty boxes that you are not using, paper towel roles, kleenex boxes, cereal boxes etc. 
We will use these materials to build buildings of different sizes and shapes in sha' Allah. 

Jazakom Allah khayran.

Math- Measurment


We have been exploring with different materials to measure objects and ourselves.

Students have used tape and straws to measure each other in the classroom. 
They also traced their shoes and measured the length of their shoes using a measuring tape.
Picture from:

Please allow your child to use different objects to measure things at home. These objects may include straws, blocks, spoons, etc.
We are continuing to explore measurement by using rulers and meter sticks.

Homework sheets: students are using numbers (block size) to measure. Use the same block ruler on the sheets to measure different objects at home such as an eraser, a cd case, a pencil, etc.



We have completed Jolly Phonics book 3! 
We are moving on to Jolly Phonics book 4.
We will be covering sounds "ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or"

Please read and review simple words such as,

-car          -hat          -flag          -bus          -big
-man        -kick        -it              -ball          -have
-pain        -and          -ten           -tell

You can also work on other words with your child. 

Students are very excited to read and are eager to learn more words. Sounding out words is very important when you read to your child. Show them how you sound out each letter in a word.
Jazakom Allah khayran for all your effort!

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

 Insha Allah I am planning to test  the students on 

surat Al.Feel on Wednesday January 30th .

    . This test will be on Tajweed rules, reading rules 

and memorization of the surah , so please practice 

with your child using this website and go to Sheikh 

Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

We are continuing in reciting and practicing the 

previous suras in every Quran class.

Jazakom Allahu Khairaa.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Qur'an Fourth Annual Qur'an Competitio

January 15, 2013.

Dear parents and guardians,

Assalamu Allikum

This is a reminder of the deadline for participating in the Abraar Fourth Annual Quran Competition which is approaching soon Insha Allah (31st January 2013).

Also, for the students who have submitted registration slips for the competition, please be advised that the first round of the competition will start at the beginning of February and will last until the beginning of March, so be prepared for this round according to the following dates:

Week 1 (Feb. 4 to Feb.8 )                  JK, SK and Grade 1.
Week 2 (Feb.11. to Feb. 14)              Grades 2 and 3.
Week 3 (Feb. Feb. 22)              Grades 4 and 5 .
Week 4 (Feb. 25. to Mar.1)               Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Lastly, Jazakum Allah Khairan to the parents who made contributions towards the Quran
competition and we are still waiting for your generous donations as we are about $1500 away from our target.

Wassalamu Allikum

Samia Tarbah
Quran Teacher

cc: Dr. Mohammed Saleem, Principal

Friday 11 January 2013


This week we have worked on letters Ff and Bb. We have worked on their sounds and reviewing words that have these sounds.

  • fish
  • fun
  • flag
  • Friday 
  • ball
  • bat
  • bus
  • bee

We have finished the patterning unit in Math and we have started Measurement.
The students will explore measurement by using different materials to measure objects. 
These materials include:
  • rulers
  • meter sticks
  • measuring tape
  • paperclips
  • blocks and more.

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia

 Insha Allah I am planning to test  the students on surat Al.Kaferoon on Wednesday January 16th.    . This test will be on Tajweed rules, reading rules and memorization of the  surah , so please practice with your child using this website and go to Sheikh Ibrahim Alakhadar:  

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Abraar School 4th   Annual Quran Competition 2012-2013
·      Registration:All entries must be registered with Tr. Samia and must be received by January 31st, 2013.
(No registrations will be accepted past this date). 
  Judging Criteria:  Students will be judged based on memorization, rules of recitation (Tajweed), voice quality,                     and voice clarity.
·      Prizes: First and Second places in each age group will receive valuable prizes In sha Allah.
·      More details and information will follow and for any questions please contact Tr. Samia.

Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas and Al Masad. (5 Suras)
Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, Al Masad, Annasr, Al Kawther, Al Asr,  Al Feel and Quraish. (10 Suras)
Al Asr, Al Feel, Quraish, Al Kaferoon, Al Maoon, Al Homaza, Attakathor, Al Qareah, Al Adiat and Al Qadr. (10 Suras)
Al Zalzala, Atteen, Al Qadr, Al Alaq, Ashareh, Adduha, Allail, Ashams, Al Balad and Al Fajr. (10 Suras)
Al Gashia, Al Alla, Al Bayyana, Attariq, Al Borooj, Al Mutafifeen, Abasa and Al Infitar. (8 Suras)
Al Mutafifeen, Al Infitar, Atakweer, Abasa, Annaziaat, Annaba, Al Insan and Al Mursalat. (8 Suras)
Al Mursalat, Al Insan, Al Qiama, Al Mudather, Al Jinn and Al Mozzamel. (6 Suras)
Al Mozzamel, Al Jinn, Nooh, Al Maarej, Al Haaqa and Al Qalam. (6 Suras)
Al Qalam, Al Mulk, Attahreem, Attalaq, Al Monafiqoon and Attagabon. (6 Suras)
Al Hasher, Al Momtahena, Assaf, Al Jumoaah, Al Monafiqoon and Al Tagaboon. (6 Suras)