Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Language & Math & Science


We have started to write in our journal books. Students are working on their writing skills and I encourage parents to assist their child by writing simple sentences such as : I like to eat crackers or my favourite colour is pink, as well as today's date. They enjoyed it and came up with very imaginative sentences. Another way to encourage your children to practice their writing skills is to write a longer sentence and have them rewrite it below.Peek their interest by challenging them!

Mathematics- Shapes

In Math class we learned to classify the shapes we learned into four different categories. We had fun with unique shapes and the more familiar ones. This allowed us to solidify our skills in shape recognition. We will continue to sort shapes.
 Here are the four categories we studied;
1) 0 Sides
2) 3 Sides
3) 4 sides
4) Other

We have started a new unit in Science and we are exploring reptiles and snakes. We learned about turtles and how they grow. We will continue to explore the life of turtles and other reptiles in sha' Allah. 
The SK's are off many more exiting adventures!!!