Sunday 19 January 2014

Sk1 Updates!! (Jan.13 - Jan.17)

Language Arts:
Alhamdullelah, we started our fourth phonic book. Your child will learn these groups of sounds: ai, j, oa, ie, ee and or. Last week we covered the following: ai, and j. The focus in this book will be about vowels and digraphs.

The child needs to recognize the digraph letter sound from the two letters. Digraphs such as ai, have two letters, but make one sound.

The child should say the digraph sound (such as /ai ), not the sound of each letter. This can be difficult at first but become easier inshaAllah with some practice with regular words such as rain, pain, wait, nail, paint.
Rule: When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking. Examples of words that follow this rule are rain, green, leaf, tie, coat, toe and cue.

Although this rule has some exceptions, it is useful in the early stages.

MashaAllah, Sk1 are doing a wonderful job by reading simple sentences. The kids are enjoying reading for their classmates. Way to go Sk1. In addition, we read many stories about our current theme the winter and hibernation.
Soon inshaAllah we will start our journal writing!!


We started our measurement unit. The students had fantastic time measuring with the colourful snap/linking cubes different things in our class.

In this unit the students should be able to learn about different measurement tool. They also should demonstrates an awareness of both standard and non-standard measuring devices such as snap cubes, paper clips, straws….etc.We will spend some time in this unit inshaAllah.


We are still learning about the winter season and the different kinds of hibernating animals.


Islamic studies:
We had a discussion about how do Muslims stay clean?

What is Wudu?

When do we make Wudu?

Sang a song, this is the way we make Wudu.

We also discussed cleanliness is part of one’s Iman.

InshaAllah, we will do more hands on activity practicing how to make wudu.

we also integrated Islamic studies with art and we made booklets about how to make wudu.

Star of the week!
We've had some shining stars amongst us!
Abdulrahman and Mohammed Q.
Congratulation to the most recent starts of the week.
We hope to see many more stars brightening up our Sk1 classroom inshaAllah.