Sunday, 13 April 2014

SK1 Updates! (April 07- April11)

Assalam Alikum Dear Parents,

Some updates from our classroom.

Language Arts:


In phonics, we have learned how to sound out the consonant blends ch and sh.

ch: Action: Move arms at sides as if you are a train and say ch,ch,ch.
sh: Action: Place index finger over lips and say shshsh.

Shared Reading:

MashaAllah SK1 are learning to read the following sentences from our new book " The Story of an Egg" Please ask your child to read it for you!

There once was a farm.
And that farm had a hen house.
And that hen house had a hen.
And that hen had an egg.
And that egg had a chick.
And that chick had something to say.
I'm hungry.

Literature Club:

Alhamdullelah we have been able to successfully launch our literature club. Every Monday afternoon small groups of SK1 students step out of the classroom and join Sr. Naaz and Sr. Lindsay (our Literature Club volunteers) in a huddled reading session. The children have been really enjoying these sessions, and look forward to having them every Monday inshaAllah.

In addition, Tr. Nancy our school librarian reads to the children books related to our classroom themes.

Reading Program:

Every Monday, students will take their book bags home for the reading program and bring it back every Monday to get a new book, InshaAllah.


Alhamdullelah, we finished learning about the 3D shapes. We did some worksheets and learned about the 3D shapes by singing the 3D poem together and playing with different 3D shapes from our classroom toys. Please ask your child about it!

We also integrated math with Islamic studies. Students asked to work on their project which is due Monday, May12.
Please check your child's homework folder for further information.


We did some worksheets about the five senses. We also read a new book about the five senses.
We integrated science with language and we wrote the following highlighted words in these sentences:
My apple smells fresh.
My apple feels hard.
My apple looks red.
My apple tastes sweet, juicy and delicious.
My apple sounds quiet.
Next inshaAllah we will learn about the spring and summer seasons.

Islamic Studies:

We learned about the story of prophet Yunus (pbuh) and the whale. I read a story about it and we integrated Islamic studies with Art by making a beautiful craft. The SK1 students also learned the duaa that prophet Yunus said. Please ask your child about it!

We will continue learning about prayer ( Salah). We will pray in the class whenever the time allow us. We will keep practicing how to pray properly before we can go to the gym and join the older grades.
Thank you for all the girls who brought hijabs for prayer time.