Saturday, 26 April 2014

SK1 Updates! (April14-April25)

Assalam Alikum Dear Parents,
Here are some updates from our classroom.

Language Arts:

In phonics, we learned how to sound out the consonant digraph, "th"
Action: pretend to be naughty clowns and stick out tongue a little for th, and further for th.
Alhamdullelah we finished phonic book 6. Next week we will start our last phonic book 7 inshaAllah.


Tr. Nancy read the story Earth Day Hooray.  On Thursday morning, Sr. Asma Adam's sister, visited our class and read to the children the story " Boy Soup". Sk1 really enjoyed listening to the story and they had so much fun. Thank you Sr. Asma.


Sk1 wrote in their journals the following sentence:

A plant is a living thing.

 Above are some samples of the kids journal writing. MashaAllah way to go SK1.

We finished learning about the 2D and the 3D shapes. Below are some hands on math activities. SK1 are using the 3D shapes to make different structures. MashaAllah!

We are learning now about the different kinds of graphs such as the bar graph, pictograph..etc.
We do our daily weather graph.
We compared the number of boys verses girls in our classroom.
We compared the kids with long hair verses short hair.
We made a pictograph about Sk1 favourite fruit.
We made a bar graph about Sk1 favourite colour.


We finished our five senses unit and started the spring unit.
We are learning about what is a plant?
What it needs to survive?
We are learning about the different parts that make up a flower.
We are learning about the life cycle of a plant such as a dandelion.
We are learning to appreciate one of Allah's (swt) creations.
We are also learning that caring for Earth by caring for plants.

We managed to integrate science with Language and Art. Sk1 made beautiful craft about the flower parts. Please see below our bulletin board!

Islamic Studies:

We are still learning how to pray in class. Every time we pray we choose a new muazen and a new Iman to give a chance for all the boys to participate! MashaAllah, Way to do SK1!