Monday, 16 February 2015

SK1 Weekly Updates: (Feb. 9- Feb.12)

Assalam Alikum Dear Parents,
Below are some updates from our classroom!

Language Arts:

We are still working in our fourth phonic book. The focus will be on:

The Sound of Short Vowels

If there is one vowel in a one-syllable word, it is
usually short vowel sound.

Examples: pan- met - rid- rod - tub.

The Sound of Long Vowels
Long vowels heard in the middle of a one-syllable
word are usually formed in one of two ways:

Two vowels together – the first vowel is long and the second vowel is silent (example: pāin).

 A vowel followed by a consonant or consonants and a silent e at the end of a word (example: pāne).

 We are also learning about the following digraphs: ai,oa,ie,ee,or

 Some examples are:

ai:  rain- paint-snail

oa:  oak-goat-road

i-e:  kite-bike-fine

ee: sheep- keep- tree

or: storm-fork-horse

 Next week inshaAllah the students will make their own Vowel Sound Book.

Please check the YouTubes below for further practice at home.

Sk1 enjoyed playing Bingo Sight Words.


We are still learning about measurement. 

100 days of school

Jazakum Allahu Khairan!!
For sending the treats for our 100 days of school party. We had such a memorable party, with activities, balloons and 100th days crown made by our 100 days smarter students:)
our main focus in the math activities was orally counting from 1 to 100.
Image result for 100 days smarterwe counted by one, five and  by tens.
We also learned about 100 in the French class.


Mash'Allah SK1 finished their diorama presentations last week. The students did an amazing job presenting their work. Way to go SK1.

Islamic Studies:

Through group work the sk1 students placed the cards for making wudu in the correct order.

Maha'Allah SK1 also sang the Nasheed “this is the way we make wudu”. In addition they made a beautiful small booklets about how to make wudu. 

Dates to remember:

February 17: Report cards go home

February 20: Student Led Conference (Early release)

February 19: 

Spirit Day: Twin Day! 

Student Led Conference - Feb.20
Please note that the annual student led conference will be held on Friday, Feb.20 from 4-7pm. A detailed schedule will be sent out for parents to sign up along with the report card.

Early Release - Feb.20

We will have an early release for students on Friday, February 20 in order to prepare for the student led conference. Parents are kindly requested to pick students at 12 pm.

Jazakumullahu-khaira for your co-operation and support!