Sunday 29 November 2015

SK1 Updates: ( Nov. 23 - Nov.27 )

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,I hope and pray that all of you are doing well. We had a wonderful week alhamdulilah!

Arabic Language:  اللغة العربية
We will spend a couple of weeks reviewing the letters ( أ – ذ ), the name of harakat (fatah, kasra , and dama) insha'Allah.

The students will be assessed during the next couple of weeks in the following letters from Geem to daal.  ج ح خ د ذ 

Please check the YouTube below for further practice at home and check the previous blogs for more details.

Show and Tell:
MashaAllah and thank you to all the SK1 students who brought some items for show and tell. This activity is really important to improve the students' speaking skills in Arabic and to increase their self confidence insha'Allah. Please remember to post your child’s Show & Tell on the fridge to remind him/her of the day they suppose to do their turn.

Duaa: In SK1 we know the importance of reciting specific du’aas during the day. Before we eat we recite. Before entering and exiting the bathroom we recite.

We are reciting new dua'a about what to say before we go to sleep and after we finish 

eating. Please help your child recite these du’aa even in the comfort of their own home.

Math: Last week we took number 10


We did fun science experiment in class about the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas).

Please ask your child about it and see if they can redo the experiment at home! Have some fun together J

We learned how to change from solid to liquid , from liquid to solid and from liquid to gas.

We worked in groups to melt the ice!

Science  Gallery:
sk1 students had the chance to visit the Gym for the science Gallery on Friday. Students from grade 4 to 6 worked really hard on the following projects:

Dioramas for Habitats for grade 4, human body systems for grade 5, and Levels of Biodiversity for grade 6

We discussed how germs are so small we cannot see them. I used glitter to represent germs. I placed some on my hand and I shook the students hands to represent how germs can easily spread from one hand to another. Therefore the students learned that proper hand cleaning is very important to protect us from germs.

In addition,we are still discussing this theme and learning how to take care of our personal hygiene and the environment. We read the following stories to reinforce this topic.

Reading in our classroom: (Shared/Guided Reading)
We are learning to read the book   ماذا ترى؟
Please help your child to practice reading this book at home. This little book will be the students show and tell for this coming week insha'Allah. 

Anti- bullying: We are still reviewing and learning about this topic. During our Art class, the students traced their right hands and wrote on each finger the name of one of their family members they will ask for help if they feel someone is bullying them.

Islamic studies:
We integrated the cleanliness theme with learning about wudu.الوضوء
We had a discussion about how do Muslims stay clean?
What is Wudu?
When do we make Wudu?
Sang a song," this is the way we make Wudu". Please ask you child about it.
We also discussed cleanliness is part of one’s Iman.

We watched the above YouTube about how to make ablution (wudu).

InshaAllah, we will do more hands on learning activities practicing how to make wudu.

Star Of The Week!

We’ve had some shining stars amongst us! Congratulations to the following students for being the most recent STARS OF THE WEEK: Luna and Abed Alaziz

We hope to see many more stars brightening up our SK1 classroom. The stars of the week are chosen based on overall behavior throughout the week, homework completion, participation, and acts of kindness.
Jazakumullahu-khaira for your co-operation and support!

SK1 Early Arabic Language Immersion Program Team (EALIP)