Sunday, 28 February 2016

SK1 Updates: Feb. 08 - Feb. 26

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,I hope and pray that all of you are doing well. We had a wonderful week alhamdulilah!

Arabic Language:  اللغة العربية

We reviewed the letters ( أ – ظ ), the name of harakat (fatah, kasra , and dama) and how to read the letters studied with them; this has been accomplished though a number of activities, such as songs, games, stories and competitions. The children have found these activities to be exciting and fun. Please ask your children about them and watch as they make the sounds and the actions.

Lesson Title: The letter ظ The students worked on the Arabic letter in the classroom.
Reading: Read the letter ظ with short vowels (fatha, kasra and dama).

Writing: Practice writing the letterظ in the Arabic workbook and textbook at school. How to write the ظ at the beginning- middle- and end of words.

Please check the YouTube below for further practice at home:

February Dua'a:

اللَّهُمَّ أرنا الحق حقاً وارزقنا اتباعه، وأرنا الباطل باطلاً وارزقنا


Allāhumma arina al-haqqa haqqan warzuqna ittibā’ah, wa 

arena al-bātila bātilan warzuqna ijtinabah

O Allah! Show us truth as truth and give us ability to follow it, 

and show us falsehood as falsehood and give us the ability to 

avoid it.

Referenced as du`aa said by Omar bin Alkhattab

Mash'Allah, SK1 students memorized the dua'a. Way to go SK1

Reading in our class!

Guided/Shared Reading:

Sk1 are doing an amazing job reading to their classmates. They are taking turns reading during circle time. They act as teachers and read by sounding out the letters and joining them to pronounce the new words. I am very happy with their reading progress in Arabic mash'Allah. Please continue to read with your children at home.

We are learning to read some new words. Please ask your child to read for you!


For more reading practice with your child, please visit the following website:

More Reading!

SK1 students enjoyed listening to our new collection of Arabic stories. Reading is very important to improve the children listening skills as well as their Arabic new vocabulary inshaAllah.

Please ask your child to retell what they learned form the following stories in Arabic. 



Image result for 2d shapes
We started a new unit (Geometry).We are learning about 2D shapes.

We played a bingo shapes and colours game in class. The Sk1 enjoyed very much this hands on math activity. In addition, the students enjoyed watching DVD about this unit.

We will investigate the relationship between 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional figures. in our next next unit of 3D shapes.

Weather Graph For the Month of February:

Gym: SK1 children practiced their hockey skills. The students have learned how to work together as a team to get the hockey ball towards the other team’s net.

We integrated math with Physical Education. We made some 2D shapes with our bodies at Gym time!

 in addition we played with our big parachute.

Islamic Studies:


We learned about the stories of prophet Nuh (as) and the ark, and prophet Yunus (as) and the whale. Please ask your child to retell what they learned at school.

We finished learning about living and non-living things.The students had the chance to examine closely some of these living things. We wrapped up this unit by doing the diorama projects. 

Diorama Projects
Mahsa'Allah the students were really excited and they had so much fun learning about the different habitats of the different animals they were using in their dioramas. The diorama presentations went very well. Way to go SK1 :)

What we’ve Accomplished:

Image result for reading clubsLiterature Club (English)!

Alhamdullelah we have been able to successfully launch our literature club. Every Thursday afternoon,  small groups of SK1 students step out of the classroom and join Tr. Martha  and sister Zohal, Raihan's mother our Literature Club volunteers in a huddled reading session. The children have been really enjoying these sessions, and look forward to having them every Thursday inshaAllah. Jazakum Allahu kairan sister Zohal and teacher Martha for running our literature club.

Star Of The Week!

We’ve had some shining stars amongst us! Congratulations to the following students for being the most recent STARS OF THE WEEK:

Mohammed, Farouk and Amira

We hope to see many more stars brightening up our SK1 classroom. The stars of the week are chosen based on overall behavior throughout the week, homework completion, participation, and acts of kindness.

Days to Remember:

Monday, February 29:  Spirit Day Leaders in our community 

Friday, March 4th: Student Led Conferences & Early Release

        Jazakumullahu-khaira for your co-operation and support!

SK1 Early Arabic Language Immersion Program Team (EALIP)