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SK1 Weekly Updates! ( Sep.15-Sep.19)

SK1 Weekly Updates!
As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,I hope and pray that all of you are doing well. We had a wonderful week alhamdulilah!
8:05-8:30AM Daily Morning Routine in SK1
ABC Kids Stock Images - 28375774Students are learning to sign their names early morning when they come to the class. This activity can help the children learn how to write their names starting with an uppercase and the rest of their names with lowercase. All children are expected to be able to write their first name and recognize it. Masha’Allah I have almost most of my students know how to write their names. After signing their names, the students then can choose a colouring activity until the bell rings for circle time.
Circle Time: 8:30-9:15am Daily in SK1
Quran: Every morning we start our day off by enriching our hearts with some beautiful verses from the holy Qur’an. 
Duaa: In SK1 we know the importance of reciting specific du’aas during the day. Before we eat we recite. Before entering the bathroom we recite, We will learn what to say before we go to sleep soon inshaAllah. Please help your child recite these du’aa even in the comfort of their own home. We recite daily together the morning duaa.  For the month of September the whole school masha’Allah including the Sk are learning to recite the September Dua’aa. Below is the du`aa for the month of September.

September Du`aa
It is part of a du`aa which the prophet, peace be upon him, used to say right after takbeer at the beginning of the salah. It could also be recited at other times to ask Allah for his guidance.
اللَّهُمَّ اهْدِنِي لأَحْسَنِ الأَعْمَالِ وَأَحْسَنِ الأَخْلاَقِ

Allahumma-hdinee li ahsanil-a`maal wa ahsanil-akhlaaq
" O Allah, guide me to the best of deeds and the best of manners"

Calendar/ Weather time: We do the calendar and weather daily so the children will learn about the different kinds of weather. Also they practice math by counting on the calendar. In addition, the children sing the calendar and the weather song. We added the ( The Weather/Calendar Bear). This activity will give all the kids the chance to be chosen to act as a teacher and lead their friends to sing after them. MashaAllah SK1 are doing a wonderful job singing the seven days of the week song and the weather song. Way to go SK1!
Circle/story time:
We are using Nelson Literacy. These packages have Shared Reading Cards and photo cards. This month insha’Allah we will focus on unit 2 Getting Along
We are still discussing and reviewing the following posters.
Theme Posters:
What can we do to get a long?
Classroom Rules
Helping at home
My box of crayons
I’m sorry
The litter sister store
When I’m mad
Working together
Please ask you child what did they learn from these posters!!

Fire Drill (Safety Rules)
Displaying IMG_20140919_112347.jpgSK1 students are learning about safety rules and what they suppose to do incase there is a fire.
I also read the story Arthur’s Fire Drill.
Displaying IMG_20140916_111949.jpgWe go to the school’s Library every Tuesday. Teacher Nancy our wonderful Librarian explained to the students the Library Manners:
Eyes on the reader
Ears listening carefully
Feet still
Displaying IMG_20140916_112020.jpgHands to yourself
Mouths silent
She also read the story Manners in the Library. Thank you teacher Nancy!
Language Art/phonics:
Al hamdullelh, we finished reviewing the letters of the Alphabet. A,B,C,D and E. Last week we reviewed the letters, F,G,H and I.  We had lots of fun learning the sounds of the above letters. Please ask your children about it and watch as they make the sounds and the actions. 
    Useful website: for sound and letter recognition.

Displaying IMG_20140919_093841.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140919_093702.jpgMash’Allah SK1 started writing in their journals. SK students are expected to copy simple words from the board. On Friday SK1 students wrote in their journals I am ----. We are now learning to follow the basic rules for writing such as starting with a capital letter and ending with a period. We are also learning to leave one finger space between each word.

Displaying IMG_20140919_093532.jpg

Computer Lab:
We went to the computer lab on Friday. SK1 had the chance to visit the following site to hear the sounds of the alphabet.

Show & Tell:
MashaAllah the SK1 children are doing a wonderful job in their Show & Tell. InshaAllah we will continue this activity until the end of the year. Children got to share some of their favourite shirts, and books with the class through the means of an oral presentation.
Show & tell will help the children’s oral and visual communication skills and will be a good practice for an upcoming project insha’Allah!

Please remember to post your child’s Show & Tell on the fridge to remind him/her of the day they suppose to do their turn.

If your child missed his turn for any reason. Please remind him/her to tell the teacher so we can arrange another time to do it insha’Allah.
Displaying IMG_20140920_160018.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140916_115229.jpgSocial skills:
We’re working really hard on our social skills! We’re becoming exceptionally good at sharing toys, smiling at each other, and apologizing to each other if we hurt each others’ feelings.  Last week, we reviewed the different feelings. The children learned that they can show their emotions and say how they feel without hurting others.
Islamic studies:
We are using a new textbook to teach Islamic Studies: Allah and our world!
We are still working our unit (TWHEED).
We are learning that Allah (SWT) is ONE. We learned that from surat al Iklas. The children also learned about shahada and that is the first pillar of Islam. We are also learning that Allah (SWT) is the creator of everything. By now your child should understand that Allah is one, and be able to distinguish Allah’s creation from what man created through the materials that Allah has provided.

Sk1 are learning a new nasheed called Allah the Creator. Please ask your child about it!
Allah the creator nasheed

 Who made the sun and the skies so blue?
Who made the stars and the planets too?
 Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah made the stars, and the moon, and the sun.
Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah, the Creator, the Al-Mighty One.
Who made the flowers, and the plants, and trees?
Who made the spiders and the honeybees?
 Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah made the stars, and the moon, and the sun.
Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah, the Creator, the Al-Mighty One.
Who made the animals both big and small?
Who made the tiny mouse, the giraffe so tall?
Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah made the stars, and the moon, and the sun.
Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah, the Creator, the Al-Mighty One.
 Who made the universe from A to Z?
Who made all the people, who made you and me?
 Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah made the stars, and the moon, and the sun.
Allah is the One, Allah is the One,
Allah, the Creator, the Al-Mighty One.

We made a beautiful craft about Allah is the creator of everything. Please check our bulletin board!
Next insha’Allah we are going to learn about the story of prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and learn about the Hajj.

We’ve been reviewing our numbers 1 to 8. We’ve also been practicing our oral counting. We did some worksheets about the above numbers. The students had so much fun trying to find the numbers in our classroom.
Next insha’Allah, we are going to review the numbers 9 and 10. Then we will start our pattern unit.
In Science:
Displaying IMG_20140919_102725.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140919_102737.jpgChildren are natural scientists. They learn by touching and feeling, noticing, asking questions and by trying things out for themselves.
We are still learning about the Five Senses. We did a fun science experiment in class were all the SK1 students took part by using their five senses. Please ask your child about it! The students got to observe two white substances (sugar and salt). I asked the students to tell which one is sweet or salty using their five senses. Some students used their fingers to touch and observe, others used tasting and smelling!! Mash’Allah way to go SK1.
Next: We are going to learn about the fall season.
To release some of our never-ending energy, we’ve been frequenting the gym, and the playground. Some of our activities have included- warming up exercises, the pizza game, duck-duck-goose and the fire, water and earth game. Last week the students also played a new game ( What time is it Mr. Wolf?)
Displaying IMG_20140919_112604.jpgStar of the Week:
We've had some shining stars amongst us! Congratulations to the following people for being the most recent STARS OF THE WEEK: Mohammad Al- Samak and Norah. We hope to see many more stars brightening up our Sk1 classroom inshaAllah.
Please make sure your child has an extra pair of (indoor shoes). Some students do not have indoor shoes, and they end up bringing a lot of dirt into the classroom with their outdoor shoes inside the classroom.
Please make sure your children have an extra change of clothing at school. This includes socks, undergarments, pants, and a shirt. At this age, there is really no guarantee that your child will not need an extra change of clothes.

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, keeping in mind that we go outside daily unless it is raining. Since the weather is getting cold these days, please send mittens/gloves, a hat, a neck warmer (NO SCARVES please for safety issues) and a warm jacket with your child and remember to LABEL his/her belongings. The inside tag of a garment is a good place to write your child's name! A lot of the kids have similar items and can easily get confused between them.

Please do send a couple of healthy snacks and lunch with your child on a daily basis.

Jazakum Allahu Kairan for you cooperation!
Tr. Ghada