Monday 17 October 2016

Week of October 10th

Assalamu alaikum!  We had a great week last week. 

Here is what we've been working on:

The class did an amazing job reading the short story I CAN.

I can see.  I can taste.  I can touch.  I can hear.  I can smell. Alhamdulillah.

Every morning we practice our oral communication by taking turns sharing special news, or announcements.  Students are learning to use the correct tense when speaking about the past, present, or future. 

-         Vowels: a-e-i-o-u sometimes y.  Through the songs “apples and bananas”.
-         -Special focus on the letter Ii and its correct formation.
-         -The letter Pp and its correct formation and sound.
-         -An introduction to the letter Nn.
-         -Rhyming words, students should know that rhyming words sound the same.  We read a song with many rhyming words that the class was able to identify.

-         -Writing the letter Ii, and Pp in our phonics books.

-         -Reading the story Mmm Cookies by Robert Munsch.  Students were able to retell the story in correct sequence, and they were able to predict what would happen next mashallah.

-         Letter Nn writing.
-         Reading short words made up of the letters taken so far SATIPN.
-         Rhyming words continued.
-         Use of descriptive words to describe objects in the classroom.
-         Good manners words and phrases.

-         Short story: I AM KIND.

-Working on patterning skills. AABBAABB, and ABCABC patterns.
- Learning the correct way to write the number 4-four.

-Talking about the Earth’s rotation around itself and how it produces night and day, and how the Earth rotates around the sun and this produces the four seasons.  (Students were interested in this topic so we made it into a topic of discussion, with the class globe as a visual).

-Doing good deeds to please Allah swt.
-Talking about Jannah, and the story of Prophet Adam (AS).
- Learning the steps of wudu’ and salat. 

-Learning the art of painting using water colours.  Learning to draw by following step by step instructions.

-Learning different types of movement.
-Forming teams, and learning the process of relay races.