Friday 7 October 2016

SK1 Update Week 3 and 4

Assalamu alaikum!  

We have been in SK1 for 20 days now masha'Allah.  Every day has been a really busy learning adventure for us.

Here is what we have been working on:


-   The correct formation of the letters Tt, and Ii.  The sound of this letter and the action that goes along with this letter.  Students wrote the letters Tt, and Ii in their phonics book.

-   Students are reading the following poem and focusing on high-frequency words (the) & (and).

The leaves are falling down.
The leaves are falling down.
Red, yellow, green, and brown.
The leaves are falling down.

Oral Communication:
-      Every day students enter the class and share their special announcements using the sentence “my special announcement is….”.
    We also talked about our five senses, and what Allah swt has given us the ability to do with each of these senses.

-          -The names of the 12 months.
-          -The names of the days of the week.
-         - The weather conditions.
-          -Names of clothing articles i.e. shirt, pants, socks, hair clip, head band etc.

High frequency words:

Insha’Allah we will be learning the letters Pp, and Nn next week and we will also be working on our “I can” booklet.


We have worked on the numbers:

0 zero
1 one
2 two

We are also working on extending AABB patterns.  

Next week we will be working on subitising using fingers, dice, and dominoes.


Talking about the wonders of Allah swt and how he has blessed us with our five senses, and what the function of each of these senses is.  We experimented with our sense of touch, and insha'Allah next week we will be using our sense of taste and smell to see how we feel about  different flavours and scents.

Our character theme for the month of October is "KINDNESS", please help your child with some new ideas of how they can be kind to their peers in the classroom.  We talked about the hijra and are learning the song tala'al badru alaina.


Every day we incorporate physical activity into our classroom either through yoga, games of Simon Says or during our two scheduled gym classes.  This week we spend both gym classes out in the yard where the students climbed, pushed each other on the spinning climber or worked out their hand and arm muscles on the monkey bars.


Student explored symmetry by making leaves out of a leaf outline and a folded paper, while others worked on tracing triangles to make characters.  We also used our writing centre to write letters of love to our moms and dads and family members.


In quraan the students are learning surat At-Takathur.  Please help your child review ayas 1-4 of this sura.