Wednesday 2 October 2013

Important information

                                                                                                                                 October 1, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Assalamu Alaikum

Show & Tell

We will start regular show & tell on Monday the 7th of October insha’Allah.  On Friday October 4, me and Tr. Malika will do it first so the kids will know how to present their show and tell. Show & tell will help the children’s oral and visual communication skills and will be a good practice for an upcoming project insha’Allah!

Each child will have one day in the week for show & tell. The children can bring in toys, but I encourage them to bring other items to share, preferably theme related items. They can bring their baby clothes, a special toothbrush, special picture, something cultural, etc.

If you are sending an item for show & tell that requires extra care, send me a small note with your child and I will try and make sure it goes back to you in one piece!



Your child will start bringing regular homework this Friday inshaAllah. Homework will be sent home (in a pocket folder) every Friday and is expected to be returned to school by Thursday. I will send a reminder note at that time insha’Allah.



Please send a recent 2 pictures of your child, one to be placed in the front cover of his/her scrapbook and the second to be placed on the bulletin board when it is their turn to be star of the week. A scrapbook is a big book with blank pages that we use for collecting some of the childrens' crafts and sample work. It stays in the class until the end of the school year when the children get to take it home as a nice memento of Senior kindergarten.

Star of the Week

Every Friday we choose someone from the classroom to be the star of the week. The star chooses a small prize from the prize box and receives a certificate. In addition a photo of the star of the week is placed on the start of the week board inside the class’s bulletin board. The process of choosing the star of the week is somewhat random; however, considerations are taking for noticeable improvement in behaviour.



Blankets are sent home to be washed every 3 weeks. We usually send the blankets home on a Friday so please don’t forget to send the washed blanket back to school the following Monday. If you prefer that your child’s blanket is sent home before 3 weeks please write me a note and I will accommodate for that.



For the first few weeks we have been checking the children’s lunch bags at lunch time to see what needs to be warmed up before serving. After the children get used to the routine we expect them to inform us if they have foods that needs to be heated. Please remember to send your child’s food in a microwave safe container. No glass containers please for safety issues. If you wish that your child’s food do not get heated in the microwave oven please inform me in writing.



I would like to thank all the parents who sent me an email in order for me to save your correct emails and form a parent email list. Please send me your email as soon as possible if you haven’t done it yet. My email is:


Thank you

Best regards,

Tr. Ghada