Sunday, 18 October 2015

English Language Update

Assalamu alaikum!  This week we continued working on the following goals:
-          Learning the name of the months of the year in order.
-          Learning the names of the days of the week in order.
-          Using descriptive words to describe clothing worn by children.
-          Reading “I can” story.
-          Reading “Fall” story.
-          Counting to 30 in English.
-          Talking about the weather, and learning the different vocabulary associated with that.
-          Learning the letter –Tt and the sound it makes at the beginning of a word, and at the end of a word.
-          Masha’Allah the students were able to earn their 10 gems in the gem jar for five classes!  We rewarded this with a movie (Leap Frog Word Factory), and popcorn.
Things we will be working on next week insha’Allah:
-          The letters –Ii and –Pp.
-          Spelling the number word 0-zero.
-          Describing mystery object using descriptive words.
-          New story “I am”.