Sunday, 4 October 2015

SK1 Weekly Updates: (Sep.21 - Oct.2)

SK1 Weekly Updates! 
As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,I hope and pray that all of you are doing well insha'Allah. We had a productive and fun week alhamdulilah!

Pillars of IslamSK1 on Abraar School Facebook!
Masha'Allah SK1 sang a beautiful nasheed about the Five Pillars of Islam. The principal Dr. Saleem visited our classroom on Thursday morning during circle time. He posted the video on the Abraar Facebook website. MashaAllah, way to go SK1.

Field Trip: Our field trip to Midway was very exciting and fun!
children spent the day exploring all the different play structures at this huge indoor complex. By the end of that day students, teachers, and volunteers were all ready for a nap!

Thank you to our wonderful field trip volunteers! We could not have done it without you!

We read some Eid stories. The kids enjoyed them very much.

Show & Tell
Insha’Allah we will start this activity on Monday Oct 5. The Show & Tell is part of our week that we all look forward to. Children got to share some of their favourite shirts, and books with the class through the means of an oral presentation. Please remember to post your child’s Show & Tell on the fridge to remind him/her of the day they suppose to do their turn.

Social skills:
We’re working really hard on our social skills! We’re becoming exceptionally good at sharing toys, smiling at each other, and apologizing to each other if we hurt each others’ feelings. Last week, we reviewed the different feelings. The children learned that they can show their emotions and say how they feel without hurting others. Please ask your kids about the big colourful posters that I use to illustrate the correct islamic manners/behaviours. Smart Kids SayI Respect My Teacher (for Girls)
Good and Bad
We integrated the different feelings/emotions topic with art. We made different faces using some art supplies. The kids learned the names of the different feelings in Arabic. Please ask your child about it!
Since the trait of this month is Cooperation, I  integrated this when we learned about manners. The kids shared their ideas about how they can cooperate with one another in the classroom and offer their help at with their family members. 

 "واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعاً ولا تفرقوا" 

October Du`aa'

This month’s du’aa is chosen to correspond to our trait of the month “Coopeation”. Working with others requires certain qualities to help us accomplish goals while being able to get along with other people.

اللهم اجعلني قريباً هيناً ليناً سهلاً

Allāhumma-j`alnī Qareeban hayyinan layyinan sahlan

“O Allah make me accessible (near people), tender in nature, flexible in dealing with others, and easy going"

In correspondence to Hadith 642 of Book 1 in At-Tirmidhi

Mash'Allah SK1 are learning to recite this duaa daily during their circle time.

Islamic Studies:
We are learning about the five pillars of Islam. We are going to spend sometime in this unit inshaAllah.

Please check the YouTube below for further practice at home:

We’ve been reviewing our numbers 1-10. We’ve also been practicing our oral counting up to 30. For our calendar time, the kids are learning to count the days of the week by using the ordinal numbers. The kids are enjoying the days of the week and the weather songs. Please ask your kids about the pink weather/calendar bear!

In addition, we introduced the patterning unit. We will spend some time in this unit inshaAllah. We will be identifying simple patterns followed by more complicated ones. Students will also get a chance to create their own patterns through rhythms, and beats!

Arabic Language First Semester Expectations:

Insha'Allah we will cover the following:

    learning the basic phonetics with the different harakats       of the alphabet letters (Alif to Dal);  

    recognizing the different shapes of the same alphabet       letter;

·                                              knowing few words that begin with the same letter;

                                          Writing  the individual alphabet letters correctly;

  •                                        Promoting positive Islamic values;
·                                              Improving the children thinking skills; 

                                          Practicing oral skills of communication.

Last week we studied the letters ( أ – ب  ) ,the name of harakat (fatah, kasra , and dama) and how to read the letters studied with them; this has been accomplished though a number of activities, such as songs, games, stories and competitions. The children have found these activities to be exciting and fun. Please ask your children about them and watch as they make the sounds and the actions.

We talked about the weather and mainly focused on the fall season. We learned about the different colours of the leaves during the fall and we observed the transition from the summer season into the fall season. I read a book about this topic ( why the leaves fall from the trees?) and the kids participated by answering some comprehension questions about this book.

The students also collected lots of colourful leaves for next week hands on science activity insha'Allah.

Star of the Week:
We've had some shining stars in our SK1 classroom. Congratulations to the following students for being the most recent STARS OF THE WEEK: Aya and Rayan We hope to see many more stars brightening up our Sk1 classroom inshaAllah.

The stars of the week will be selected every Friday insha'Allah based on overall behavior throughout the week, homework completion, participation, and acts of kindness.

Looking Ahead (insha’Allah)
During the month of October we will focus on literature through daily story time, shared reading and guided reading.

In science, we will be learning about some of the properties of different objects such as: hard/soft, rough/smooth floats/sinks etc. We will also be experimenting with colours and seeing what results in blending different combinations of colours.

In Art, students will be using different mediums to experiment with colours and textures.

Important Reminders:

No school on October 9th & 12th for PD & Statutory Holiday

Kindly note that school will be closed to students on the following two days:

Friday, October 9th, for teachers professional development day


Monday, October 12th for Statutory Holiday.

Please make sure your child has an extra pair of (indoor shoes). Some students do not have indoor shoes, and they end up bringing a lot of dirt into the classroom with their outdoor shoes inside the classroom.
Please make sure your children have an extra change of clothing at school. This includes socks, undergarments, pants, and a shirt. At this age, there is really no guarantee that your child will not need an extra change of clothes.

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, keeping in mind that we go outside daily unless it is raining. Since the weather is getting cold these days, please send mittens/gloves, a hat, a neck warmer (NO SCARVES please for safety issues) and a warm jacket with your child and remember to LABEL his/her belongings. The inside tag of a garment is a good place to write your child's name! A lot of the kids have similar items and can easily get confused between them.

Please do send a couple of healthy snacks and lunch with your child on a daily basis.

Please try your best to read daily to your child, five to ten minutes of reading is more than enough when it is done on a daily basis.

Please do keep your child at home when he/she is not feeling well, that will help your child feel better quickly and will prevent others from catching the sickness that your child has.

Jazakumullahu-khairan for your co-operation and support!

SK1 Early Arabic Immersion Program Team (EAIP)