Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Quraan Update From Tr. Hoda

Inline image 1Assalamu alaikum respected parents of SK1

Alhamdulilah SK1 students are doing great job in Quran class. They were practicing and memeorizing Nasheed " Tajweed rules" where they learned 9 Tajweed rules in a fun way , and they learned how to apply it in the Surahs.
In Quran students were busy reveiwing and memeorizing  Surat Almassad, Alnassr, Alkauthar , Almaun . Now they just started Surat Takathur.
We are starting to have the " Best reciter of the week" each week a student will be picked and I'll post his/her name on a big poster in the class. insha'Allah by the end of this week we will have our first reciter of the week.
Insha'Allah I'll keep you posted on our news and homework.

Looking forward to teach your children in a fun interactive way , and making them love live and learn the Quran.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to email me at hharb@abraarschool.com
Jazakum Allah khairan for your cooperation.

T. Hoda Harb